Coffee Charcoal Fabrics

Carbonized Coffee Fabrics

Fabric no: HY122050 and 122057
Construction: French Terry;
Compostion: cationic polyester, coffee charcoal
Weight: 130 gsm and 170gsm
Yardage sample: available
Fabric Features

Carbonized Coffee is a nano-grade powder made of coffee dreg and used coffee bean. After carbonization and nano process, the charcoal achieves UV-cut, odor-free and quick dry functions.

The product is environmental friendly as all processes are mechnical, not chemical.

Major features:

  • Environment friendly: less carbon release, 48% less than bamboo charcoal, 85% less than coconut carbon;
  • Heat retaining and warming: the temperature rises up higher than PET when exposed to sun light;
  • Odor-free: the micriporous struture controls moisture and inhibits backterial growth and thus make the fabric odor-free;
  • Anion releasing:coffee charcoal fabric releases anion and makes the wearer heathier.