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Cleancool Fabrics

Cleancool Antimicrobial Fabric

Fabric No:HY121893:
35% Clean Cool, 70% Nylon, 160gsm,

Fabric No:HY111846
Brushed Mesh Polypro DTY Outside:40% Cleancool(100D/72F); Inside:60% Polypro(150D/144F) 155
Description: Cleancool Polypro Brushed Mesh
Fiber: wicking and antimicrobial yarn – Cleancool, polypro microfiber DTY
Construction: mesh fabric with inside brushed
Weight: 170 g/m2.


Cleancool is a permanently antimicrobial yarn.









Hang tags to be provided with fabric or garments

Chitin Chitosan Fabrics

Chitosan Chitin Fabric



Fabric No: HY111860

Description: Chitosan Viscose Polyester fabric
Fiber: chitosan, viscose, polyester
Weight: 140 g/m2 and 120 g/m2 respectively

Fabric features:

  • Very strong antibacterial effects;
  • Completely biodegradability;
  • Soft hand feel;
  • Anti-microbial;
  • Anti-static.
  • Odor free

Chitosan/Chintin yarn is a natural fiber obtained from the shell of crab or shellfish. BTEXCO uses Chitin / Chitosan yarn to produce knitted fabrics.


Supersoft Water Proof Breathable Fabric

Supersoft Water Proof Breathable Fabric

Fabric No: HY111855
Description: Softshell fabric for outdoor clothing
Construction: three layer;
Weight: 130 g/m2.
Water Resistance: 3000mm H2O;
MVP: 3000 g/m2•24 hours

Beta Textiles Co., Limited produces and uses in its garment production a full range of tw layer or three layer laminated fabrics that are water proof and breathable.

softshell fabric
The surface layer is normally a microfiber superfine (such as 20D or 30D) polyester or nylon knits. In the case of three layer lamination, the inside side is normally a light weight (20 g/m2, for instance) mesh.

Three membranes are used as middle or base layer:-
• TPU (microporous thermoplastic polyurethane); or
• PU (microporous polyurethane).

In the market,such fabric is normally called Softshell.

Hoodies produced by Beta Textiles Co., Limited with supersoft water proof and breathable fabric.




Heat Generating Viloft Fabric

Heat Generating Viloft Fabric

Heat Generating Fabric Acrylic/Viloft/Spandex HY121908
Fabric No: HY121908

Construction: Single jersey
Color: solid or heather, based on buyer’s color standards
Composition:54% Micro Acrylic, 39% Viloft, 7% Spandex
Fiber: Acrylic/Viloft Blended, 40s + 30D Elaspan (by Invista)
Weight: 170 g/m2
Hang tag: VILOFT Hang tag

Fabric Features:

1.Heat Generating
Combination of micro fiber acrylic and specially engineered viloft fiber provides excellent warmth retention.

2.Comfortable Stretch
With Elaspan spandex made by INVISTA, the fabric provides good stretch to make the wearer move freely.
You do not need to wear heavy clothing to be warm. The Heat Generating fabric provides you with heat insulation without burden. This means warm and cute for youngster and people of other ages as well.

3.Skin-like Softness
Finished with Silicone wash, the fabric feels like a second skin to give the wearer wonderful sensation.

4. Warm & Light at the same time
You do not need to wear heavy clothing to be warm. The Heat Generating fabric provides you with heat insulation without burden. This means warm and cute for youngster and people of other ages as well.

5.Fabric or Finished Garments in full flatlock seam at your choice
The Buyer might order fabric and do production from their partner sewing mills. In the same time, Beta Textiles Co., Limited is also able to provide full package service for finished garments from it’s own sewing factory – Zhangjiagang Beta Clothing Co., Limited.

6. Heat Retention Test Report (PDF)



Permanently UV Protective Fabric

Permanently UV Protective Fabric

Fabric ID: HY121982


Description: 100% UV Cut, Permanently UV Protective.
Fiber: 75D/72F, UV-cut, TiO2 uv protective yarn.
Composition : 100% UV-CUT
Finishing: solid dyed.
Weight: 140 g/m2
Construction: Interlock

Fabric features:

• Permanently UV Protective;
• Made of UV-protective yarn;
• UPF= 50+